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Air France Flight 447 (2009): We may never know what went wrong with this flight from Brazil to France, but for those affected this isn’t acceptable.

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Air France flight 447 from Brazil to France mysteriously crashed and fell deep into the Atlantic Ocean. Now four months on, families of the deceased are crying out for an explanation. What happened?

The little evidence that has emerged will never be more than informed speculation. The real answers are locked in the black box flight recorder, now lost at the bottom of the ocean. “”It’’s absurd that air safety depends on black boxes,”” says lawyer James Healy-Pratt, “”even if they are recovered the data cannot be properly transcribed because they are damaged.”” With more of us flying every day there are some important lessons to emerge from the AF447 catastrophe but without the flight recorders, huge chunks of the puzzle are still missing. Christophe Guillot-–Noel lost his brother in the crash: ““Some families lost four relatives. So many families were torn apart on that day.””

ABC Australia – Ref. 4594

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