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The ten-year-old Krzysztof lives with his parents and grandparents in the High Tatra in Poland. The farmer family belongs to the tribe of the gorals which hand down their songs and dances from generation to generation. From an early age Krzysztof was taught dance and music at home by his grandparents and meanwhile he gives public performances with his violin in a wellknown ensemble which is gladly invited to weddings. Although the High Tatra is among the most popular Polish holiday regions and the gorals are regarded as a tourist attraction, Krzysztofs family lives secluded and has preserved a seriousness and credibility in dealing with the traditions. The wellknown Polish cameraman Jacek Blawut who shot for Krzystof Kieslowski already, and Andreas Voigt want to approach this phenomenon of a supposedly intact mountain world. Beyond folkloric clichés they portray a boy who selfconfidently and joyfully carries on the culture of his ancestors, on that maybe he even lives some day as a particularly gifted dancer and musician.

script & directing: Andreas Voigt
camera: Jacek Blawut
sound: Jan Freda
editing: Angela Wendt
production manager: Annette Rupp
editorial: Nicole Baum

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