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Life in the Jungle: A look at the daily lives of people struggling in ‘The Jungle’ of Calais.

Calais’ Migrant Border Chaos (2003)

Kos Becoming Main Migrant Entry Point To Europe

Libya’s Struggle To Cope With Surge In Migrant Smuggling

The Art-Pirates Fighting For Migrant Rights

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Away from the chaotic scenes on Calais’ motorways and ports, the migrant camp known as the ‘new Jungle’ is growing fast. This report gains rare in-depth access to the camp, revealing the human face of the crisis.

“We are trying to get on the lorries. Every time we try the police catch us”, says eight-year-old Khalid, sitting in the dark near to the Eurotunnel terminal, one leg horribly injured. “My mother brought me here to treat my leg. The Syrian army kidnapped me and ran me over with their car.” At least 3000 other migrants like Khalid are now living in the migrant camp known as “the new Jungle” in Calais. It is even showing signs of becoming a permanent fixture: with schools, cafes and churches popping up, a community of those trying to create a normal life is forming. But life in this ‘jungle’ is tough, with many risking everything for a chance to reach Britain. “A man died here last week. Others are getting disabled, injured”, says one desperate migrant. Despite the French authority’s efforts to prevent migrants jumping onto lorries with the construction of a huge fence along the motorway, every day hundreds seek a way into the UK. In extraordinary scenes, scores of migrants flood the motorways, attempting to get into lorries stuck in a traffic jam. Furious drivers can do little to stop them. When asked what they expect to find in Britain, the migrants respond, “Education, freedom, work…”

The Guardian – Ref. 6528

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