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Death from the Deep 2009: 120 barrels of toxic waster was sunk coast of Cetraro by a former mafia boss in Italy

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A Cargo Ship, sunk by a former Mafia boss, was recently found 20 kilometres off the coast of Cetraro in Italy. Inside the ship was 120 barrels of toxic waste. Was the Italian government involved?

Francesco Fonti believes the government were working with the Mafia Boss. “The ship was chartered by the Italian government to bring toxic waste back from Lebanon – waste that had originally been transported there illegally by Italian companies.” When Mafia bosses sunk the ship with the deadly toxic and radioactive waste inside, a government cover-up may have ensued. However this is only one of many ships sunk off the coast of Cetraro and many believe that side-effects are beginning to show. “The authorities have launched an investigation into the unusually high numbers of tumours and other diseases in this area”, reveals one conservationist.

ORF – Ref. 4581

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