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Peace Under Fire (2004): In 2003, against a background of peace talks, a conflict broke out in Sudan which would eventually divide the country in two.

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In 2003, against a background of peace talks aimed at ending two decades of civil war, a vicious new conflict erupted in Sudan’s western province of Darfur. Tens of thousands were killed and millions displaced.

In a conflict with complex political and ethnic dimensions, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to migrate as a result of attacks and systematic destruction of villages in Darfur. Bahar el Din leader of the Justice and Equality rebel movement is adamant that the conflict was motivated by a racial agenda. “The government is using Arabs to get rid of the black people, the real Africans.” The scale of human rights abuse carried out, and the severe absence of protection for civilians became an urgent concern for the international community, and the humanitarian impact of the conflict was disastrous. According to one MSF doctor, “The population has been totally abandoned — severe atrocities are happening — nobody should close their eyes to what is taking place.”

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