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The Heroin Trail Part 1: “The town’s kinda gone to sh*t”
In a snowstorm in Rutland, Vermont, a young dad is torn between his kids and his struggle to score smack. He’s just one addict in an idyllic town in the foothills of the Green Mountains that has been transformed by heroin.

The Heroin Trail Part 2: Bum’s Alley
Addict Justin Bemis hits his breaking point and wants to quit heroin. But doctors’ waiting lists are filled with other addicts. How did heroin hit suburbia? Pricey prescriptions had a hand in it, many led there by pill prescriptions. And buried cops are struggling to find alternatives to rising arrests.

The Heroin Trail Part 3: “It’s a beautiful flower”
Fusion chased one Vermont addict’s heroin to its source in South America. In the southern highlands of Colombia, we found poppy fields protected by deadly mines and booby traps — and learned how a picturesque flower yields its addictive fruit.

The Heroin Trail Part 4: “We are not guerrillas”
Deep in Colombia’s mountains, on the frontlines of a half-century civil war in Colombia, Jorge, a local leader, tries to convince his people to stop growing poppy, marijuana and coca for drugs. But it’s easier to grow than coffee or berries. “We don’t make much, but we survive on this,” says one drug farmer.

The Heroin Trail Part 5: The Men Who Cook China White
Fusion meets two Colombian heroin “cooks” who say they went to Mexico to refine heroin for the cartels, using toxic ingredients like ammonia, acetone, and hydrochloric acid. Back in Vermont, we track one addict’s process in trying to kick his habit before it kills him.

The Heroin Trail Part 6: Norman Rockwell meets the narcotic rage

Two years ago, scores of journalists descended on Vermont to capture rural America’s heroin problem. But Fusion returned in 2015. Cops say there’s now more heroin coming into Vermont than ever before. One family ripped by addiction, with most of its kids kicking the heroin habit, say they can’t blame the suppliers.

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