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By day, Dr. Jorge Chiu is a cardiothoracic surgeon. By night, he volunteers as a paramedic to help the violence-ridden streets of Guatemala City. There’s no telling what he’ll be dealing with on any given night. One moment Dr. Chiu will be dealing with a house fire—the next he’ll be treating gunshot wounds.

In this episode of Profiles by VICE, photographer Giles Clarke traveled to Guatemala City to learn the gritty truth about Dr. Chiu’s alter ego as a Guatemalan guardian angel.

Check out Giles Clarke’s photo series “Riding Shotgun to Murder Scenes with Guatemala City’s Overworked Volunteer Paramedics”:

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  • Fabiola Hernandez 2 years ago

    How can i support his cause, Is there a way to directly volunteer with him?
    Thank you


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