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Big love disorder or new social order? Today, when love, complicity or sex are missing, we stop everything and start again. One-third of married couples divorce and the number of single-parent families is increasing. Where does our conception of a life together, based on love, fulfillment and fidelity come from? How did it impose itself? If we go back in time, we find that, on the scale of human history, the modern couple is very recent – forty years old! Initially, most of us are polygamous, and for thousands of years we have lived with a partner for the sole purpose of having children. The Greeks and Romans did not love their wives as a husband loves his wife today: taking pleasure with his wife was even frowned upon! For centuries, men have had several wives. This is Christian marriage which finally led to the arrival of love in the couple. Then the move to individualism has been there… Maybe is it precisely the irruption of freedom in the conjugal bed that destabilizes us? Unrolling this exciting story with archives, reconstructions and testimony of historians, sociologists and anthropologists, this film makes us better understand the reasons for the current crisis of the couple.

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Director : Sophie Lepault, Julien Hamelin & Arnaud Levert
Duration : 45′
Year : 2007
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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