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The Genocide Insider (2008): A candid interview with one of the men responsible for the genocide in Darfur.

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In an exclusive report we speak to a Sudan army insider who for the first time reveals the brutal tactics used by the government in Darfur. This is why the Sudanese leader has been charged with war crimes.

A former Sudanese Commander tells of his experience of the Sudanese government’s role in the Darfur conflict. The Commander, who admits to committing war crimes, brings with him military identification, official documents and photographs of him in the field as proof of his claim. He was commanded to lead Arabic Janjaweed militias into Darfur by the Sudanese government, “to attack the people there, civilians, rebels….

“It is racist and a tribal issue. We were attacking villages where they were only the blacks, the niggers. These people were civilians. They had no weapons.”” Thousands of Janjaweed men on horseback were instructed to rape, rob and massacre black African civilians by the Khartoum government. “”Firstly, when we entered a village, we were to steal and loot whatever we could. As for the water wells, we put sand in and blocked them. We cut down trees and burnt villages. We wanted to force the population out of their areas and give them no chance to live there again.”” Mass graves populate the south. Hundreds of thousands lie dead and millions are displaced.

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