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The island of Nauru is home to more than a hundred child refugees, stuck in asylum limbo. Harsh Australian border controls have led to the incarceration of adults and children alike on remote islands.

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The island of Nauru is home to more than a hundred child refugees, stuck in asylum limbo. Detained sometimes for years on end, surrounded by fences living in tents, many of these children see little hope of fulfilling even their most basic dreams of living a normal life with freedom and dignity.

“It’s death by slow torture. It’s just how the place is set up – to make people go mad or just make people die inside.” Teacher Gabby Sutherland is breaking Australian law by talking about her experiences of working in the Nauru detention centre school. However, she is not the only former teacher speaking up against the treatment of these children. Judith Reen corroborates her indictment: “The harm is permanent. The damage is done for these children.”

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