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On A Wing And A Prayer (1999): We report on the effort to prevent migrating birds being killed by planes in Israel.

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The Air Force has lost 8 aircraft to collisions with birds. 500 million migrating birds are an air traffic controller’s nightmare, but the Air Force is learning to accommodate its flying peers. They’’ve invested thousands in tracking the birds with radar. And their efforts have paid off; “We’’ve reduced collisions with birds so much that every minute we spend on research is worthwhile!” On the ground fellow conservationists are trying to repopulate the skies with endangered Pelicans, Pygmy Cormorants and Griffin Vultures whose numbers have dwindled thanks to the planes and pressure for land and water. Their greatest success is Kevin the Vulture. They hope that he will take to an Israeli sky uncluttered by planes and bombs. For not even birds it seems can escape the ravages of war.

ABC Australia – Ref. 628

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