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Hastings (2001): History buffs from all over the world meticulously recreate the events of the Battle of Hastings, 1066.

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00:04 Norman cavalry charging 00:10 Anglo-Saxon and Norman foot soldiers/infantry engaged in sword fight 00:27. 00:37 Two chainmailed Normans in sword fight 00:54. 02:16 Norman on horseback 02:26. 02:42 Norman soldiers preparing for battle 02:53 Bayeaux Tapestry stills 03:12. 03:34 Two Norman footsoldiers in sword fight 03:46. 04:00 Mini battle scene, swords, axes, armour, axes, shield 04:14. 04:18 Two Anglo-Saxons in axe fight 04:30. 04:37 Five way sword fight 04:50. 05:09 Cavalry and foot soldiers preparing for battle 05:40 Battle of Hastings recreation: infantry armed with swords, shields, axes, pikes and cavalry with arrows flying overhead 06:37. 06:46 battle continues 06:55. 06:59 Normans continue cavalry charges 07:08. 07:16 Normans gain victory, King Harold gets an arrow in his eye 08:25.

ABC Australia– Ref.1014

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