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Displaced in the DRC: Hundreds of Thousands Forced to Flee Violence

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This sobering report gives a profound impression of the state of chaos in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The lakeside market town Minova has become a makeshift camp for thousands of displaced families as rebels wage a brutal, indiscriminate war.

“Since we arrived here, we are very hungry”, says a displaced man in a community meeting. “Our women have to go to the fields to look for work. There are men in the fields who strangle them. These men rape our women as well” he says. This man is just one of the hundreds of thousands of the displaced who fled in search of stability and safety. With little food, poor health facilities and understaffed welfare offices – there are few provisions in Minova to alleviate their plight.
As one husband watches a doctor examine his wife’s gunshot wound, another can only sit by as his shocked wife recovers from the trauma of being lynched. “We ran here for our safety, but our safety has not improved. We still have no safety. My wife has been hanged and so on…”
With first-hand accounts of child kidnappings, gang rape and murder, these homeless families find themselves in more danger than ever.

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