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For millennia, the Mu Ko Surin fishervolk have been fishing the Andaman Sea using traditional methods.

This small fishing community on a beach in the Ko Surin island group in Thailand belongs to the Moken tribe. For millennia, the Moken have been fishing the Andaman Sea, diving with spears down to depths of 40 meters. They have trained their lungs so that they can stay underwater for up to four minutes and even walk on the seabed. Years of diving without technical aids has sharpened their eyesight. The Moken used to live in their boats, moving from island to island and living mainly from catching fish and seafood, only staying on dry land during the monsoon season. But nowadays they live onshore all year round, because the Ko Surin National Park’s regulations forbid them to live at sea. So father Chao has turned his back on Moken tradition and moved to the mainland, whilst his son Nguei still tries to live according to it while he still can.


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