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Love in the Time of Zika: An examination of the devastating impact of the Zika virus in Brazil, told through the eyes of the mothers.

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As the mosquito-borne Zika virus continues to spread beyond Brazil, this moving report follows three mothers caring for babies with microcephaly, the condition inherited from an insect bite.

Babies of infected mothers can be born with underdeveloped brains, deafness and blindness. “Daily life is exhausting” says 16-year-old Leticia, who cares full-time for her son. “The population is huge, so why are only the poor affected?” asks Danielle, who was bitten during pregnancy. At a time of recession, and as the virus spreads in the favelas, it becomes clear that poverty is the key component to Brazil’s Zika crisis.

SBS – Ref. 6723

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