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Cyber Revolution: As the crackdown against Syrian protesters intensifies, this report offers a unique insight into the world of the cyber-activists driving the uprising and their terrifying struggle against the police state.

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He’s got two Sim cards, two pseudonyms, and an ever-growing, impressively organised network of fellow activists at his fingertips. With half his friends in prison in Syria, cyber-activist Rami Nakhle now lives in hiding in Beirut, from where he plans and co-ordinates uprisings. His job is to use social media to link protesters and disseminate their video images of the bloody crackdown, which the authorities are trying to keep from the news headlines. “We know if the regime was able to do it in the dark, they are ready to kill everyone”. The Syrian regime has posted a message on Rami’s Facebook page saying that unless he renounces his support for revolution in Syria they will arrest his sister and target his family. Yet Rami is determined not to sacrifice his principles. “I encouraged my friends to go into the street knowing they might get arrested or killed. So now when it comes to my family I will not withdraw”. As the police state continues to employ covert tactics to keep the protests under control, Rami is ready to see it through to the bitter end. “Nothing will make me scared any more. We are already all in a big jail”.

Hugh Macleod and Annasofie Flamand – Ref. 659

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