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The Cuban Missile Crisis played out in the month of October 1962. Never before or since has the world been so close to destruction.

Colonel Osvaldo Fernandez was one of the few Cubans who actually knew what was going on at the time. As a young liaison officer, his job was to follow the Soviet troops to the various sites where their deadly nuclear missiles would be installed, to save Cuba from a US invasion.

45 years on, Colonel Fernandez meets with Russian general Victor Yesin, who pays a last visit to Cuba, to see the place where he served as a young lieutenant in charge of putting the warheads on the missiles. In an old American car from the time of the crisis, the two veterans make an exclusive journey to places never before visited by a TV camera, places where the cold war debris is still lying around, the dinosaur bones of history. Documentary first broadcast in 2008.

Content licensed from Off The Fence.

Produced by Dixit International.

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