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Walk of Shame: How Tennessee’s famous high-stepping horse became the latest animal-cruelty scandal

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Tennessee is home to the famous high-stepping walking horse, a tradition of prancing horses that stretches back decades. Yet it is now being challenged by prominent animal activists, including Priscilla Presley.

“The Tennessee walking horse has a beautiful natural gait. For some reason, we want more”, says Elvis Presley’s wife, Priscilla. This prize-winning gait known as the Big Lick is achieved by caustic substances being put on the horse’s legs so the skin burns and festers. Priscilla and Elvis Presley owned such walking horses in the past but now she is campaigning to bring the industry under fire. “There’s no justification whatsoever to put any animal through this process of torment”, she says.

SBS Dateline – Ref 6134

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