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Children from the Brothel Village: A look a the efforts to save Bangladeshi children from the country’s growing sex industry

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Daulatdia is a village in Bangladesh entirely devoted to prostitution. Many of the 1,600 women were kidnapped or sold by their families for as little as £200. Daulatdia is also home to 300 children, who face a struggle to escape.

Disha was adopted by a prostitute in Daulatdia after being abandoned by her mother at a train station. “There are bad people around here, they touch your body”. The age of consent in Bangladesh is 14, but younger children are not safe from grooming by the village’s pimps and clientele. The children cannot hide from Daulatdia’s industry because many families share one room. “There’s nothing here to make them into good people”, says one concerned mother. But there have been efforts by local activists to support the children of Daulatdia. A safe house outside the village educates the children and offers them respite from Daulatdia’s sinister environment, providing them with hope for a life away from prostitution and exploitation.

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