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Cleaning Up The Past (2001): NATO’s bombing campaign left thousands of unexploded bombs across the country. ABC Australia follows the team of women aiming to clear them.

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Since the NATO bombing campaign in Kosovo in 1999, life in Kosovo is finally approaching some degree of normality. There has been a drop in revenge killings of Serbs and the arduous task of clearing the country of deadly mines and unexploded bombs is proving very successful. 17 months of civil warfare and 78 days of NATO bombing has left the country littered with potential death traps. The potential breakthrough is a slow moving, low altitude airship normally used for advertising or sporting events that uses radar to pinpoint the minefields. The work on the ground is further facilitated by maps handed over by the Serbs – saving many lives and thousands of hours otherwise spent mapping minefields. For the first time anywhere in the world it now looks possible that a whole country could be successfully cleared of this terrible scourge. ABC Australia follows the airship’s first field experiments in Kosovo and meet an all-female team risking their lives each day to make the land safe for their children.

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