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Love Detectives: Is all fair in love and war? The big business of India’s love detectives

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In India, love is a modern battlefield where old and new worlds collide. But as a younger generation of Indians increasingly reject their parents’ choices and affection trumps tradition, is all still fair in love and war?

Rajani Pandit takes modern marriage very seriously. A happily unmarried matriarch, she is a pioneer in a booming industry of lady ‘love detectives’ investigating the true character of possible spouses. And she knows that in a social media age where eligible youngsters meet online everyday, “what is shown is not necessarily the truth… it’s easy to mislead”. Pandit has investigated 7500 cases of suspicious spouses. But what might seem to be an invasion of privacy is, for many Indians, an expression of love. Her clients, she says, “really care about making sure that their children are not taken advantage of”. And in an age of uncertainty in affairs of the heart, she is one among many love detectives, trying to bridge the gap between the old and new generations.

SBS – Ref. 6700

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