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Why does the universe even bother existing? Why is earth so unique? Why are we here? The scientific explanation of our surroundings and of our origins is probably one of the main achievements of our times. We can trace back our history up until the very first nanoseconds of the Big Bang! It is the same adventure that has started with the expansion of the universe and gave us birth: we descend from apes and bacteria but also from comets and galaxies: we literary originate from stardust! The movie is articulated around the three enigmas of origins: the vertiginous emergence of our universe, the very unlikely apparition of life and the extremely lucky origins of humankind. Each moment of this fascinating story will be told by a famous scientist specialized on the origins of the world that is around us: Pascal Picq, Hubert Reeves, Sylvie Vauclair and Jim Peebles. We will investigate in scientific sites related to each of these enigmas: we will go up to the Peak du Midi – the highest observatory in Europe; we will search the archeological site of Atapuerca – home of our older European ancestor; and we will go 100m underground to understand what the Large Hadron Collider is about to reveal…We will give faithful account of the most recent discoveries with regards to the origins of the world but also talk about the countless mysteries still unresolved. We will gather interviews from a wide variety of experts and show how the scientific field is constantly on the move: it apparently follows the principles of evolution as well!

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Director : Franck Guerin & Emmanuel Leconte
Length : 52′
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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