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Winter Of Discontent: The United Kingdom is currently facing the largest cuts in public spending for decades. We delve into the anger sweeping across the nation and meet those worst affected.

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“Our civil society is saying no, we’re not going to accept this,” one protester insists. As widespread protests across the UK grow larger and more violent, a union-backed crowd of 250,000 people marched through London last weekend. One protester, Karen, explains the reason for their anger: “The huge deficit is not the fault of the people who are being decimated by the cuts”. In the North of England those most in need of a helping hand are already feeling the pinch. Even the council official in charge of housing benefits admits that the cuts have been “very very severe”. One pensioner, Susan, is probably going to lose her home because of them: “I’ve loved living here…it’s not just bricks and mortar”, she cries. As the spending cuts continue to tighten, Britain’s winter of discontent looks set to become a summer of rage.

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