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The Aftermath: The Trauma of Mass Shootings in the US | Fault Lines: Mass shootings have become a grim reality of life in the United States.

There were more than 300 in 2018 alone, and each one has made this clear: they can happen anywhere and at any time – in malls, theaters, places of worship, even schools.

They have become predictable now: the shooting happens, then politicians denounce it and ask for thoughts and prayers; then there are vigils and memorials; and there is intense media coverage which eventually fades to the next story.

Meanwhile, these shootings continue to happen.

But what happens when the spotlight moves on? How do survivors and victims’ families cope in the aftermath of some of the deadliest mass shootings in the US?

In this episode of Fault Lines, we explore the long-lasting trauma of mass shootings on survivors and victims’ families. And what communities are doing to prepare for a possible attack.

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