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Aceh Afterwards (2010): In the wake of the tsunami, Aceh had an unexpected moment of unity. This has disappeared, leaving behind unrest and civil turmoil.

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The waves of the tsunami brought an unlikely unity to Aceh, a region on the brink of civil war. Five years on, unrest is rife yet again as the worrying shadow of Muslim Extremism returns.

“The tsunami had alerted the people of Aceh that this is the only chance for a better life”, said former Seperatist Nurdin Rahman. GAM and Jakarta threw aside their differences to re-build Aceh with Jakarta promising land and jobs to GAM. Frustration builds as a growing number of Acehnese believe that Jakarta has welched on its side of the deal. Men say they’re being squeezed out, “trapped”, and talk of picking up their weapons again. Sharia police regularly patrol the area and Extremist religious schools and terror cells are springing up in the area. Where will the extremist calls for revolution and civilian unrest take the fragile development of Aceh next?

ABC Australia – Ref. 4830

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