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Shadow War (2006): The paramilitary teams disrupting the peace in Sri Lanka

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Tamil Tigers claim the government is secretly arming paramilitaries. But the government refuses to even acknowledge the paramilitaries’ existence, leaving both sides poised for war.

“We have a military wing, political wing, intelligence wing”, boasts Pradeeb, Head of the largest paramilitary force, the Karuna Group. Militias like his, made up of disenchanted Tigers, have vowed to take on their former colleagues, the Tamil Tigers. They’re accused of working as a proxy force for the government, jeopardising the cease-fire. But the government refuses to accept their existence. “There are definitely no armed groups”, states Secretary of Defence, Gotabhaya Rajapaska. However, as long as the government seems unwilling to tackle the paramilitaries problem, a return to full-scale war looks inevitable.

Produced by SBS Ref number: 3066

May 2006.


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