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Faith Healer (2001): TB Joshua – the controversial Nigerian faith healer accused of dangerous practices.

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These events, caught by the church camera crew, are drawing hundreds of white Afrikaners to the backstreets of Lagos. It is the unlikely home of ‘The Synagogue, Church of all Nations’, and the Prophet TB Joshua.

In an interview he comes across as shy and modest about his seemingly extraordinary powers. A woman paralysed for 7 years walks “Hallelluya, Praise the Lord!”. A gay man with HIV is “cured” of his virus and his homosexuality. Amongst the desperate new faithfuls is rugby Springbok Wium Basson, dying from liver, lung and stomach cancer. Harrowing footage reveals his agony, as he waits in vain for the Prophet to pray for him. A quirky, fascinating story of faith and desperation.

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