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Taiwan’s diverse culture has given way to many popular restaurants which specialize in exotic cuisine. It is THE place for foodies who love fusion and more. Few places in Asia have so many different delicious dishes on offer, and all in one city!

“Tasty Taipei” tells the story of Taiwanese food – what’s on the table, why it tastes the way it does and how it got there. In “Tasty Taipei,” DW’s Taipei correspondent Tzung-Han Tsou takes Euromaxx host Meggin Leigh to the city’s culinary hotspots.
Tzung-Han Tsou and Meggin Leigh explore the various tastes of the city.Tsou is a Taipei native and knows all about the city’s culinary history. His co-host Meggin Leigh comes from abroad and offers an outsider’s perspective on the food.
They describe what they eat, how they experience it and how it tastes. They also explore the side dishes and drinks available on the menu. Meggin Leigh and Tzung-Han Tsou have lively discussions about the food and at the same time talk about the traditions and history behind Asian cuisine. They also marvel at the culinary possibilities in Taiwan’s capital.
The dishes are presented in detail, but also the cultural-historical context is described: Where does the dish come from? Why is it so popular?
“Nowhere else does one eat as well as here,” says Tzung-Han Tsou. Exploring Asia as a culinary melting pot, from Night Market stinky tofu and Din Tai Fung dumplings to 5-star beef noodles!


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