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Rascha Wisse (46) is involved in the Ecovillage in Bergen, where she takes care of an edible forest. She also works in a natural shop and is an environmentalist. In this episode of Anthropology of the Dutch about the sustainable, Rascha can be seen in the Ecovillage and she is interviewed.

The Pigeonhole man about this episode:

“Almost everyone is sustainable nowadays, but there is still a group that considers itself the pioneers: the changemakers, they also say. Like Wouter van Dieren; he literally calls himself the pope of the environmental movement. It is the group that says: if we do not do something now, then in 2045 we will be screwed, people. And that year keeps on changing – it used to be 1975. That is of course interesting, this doom thinking. We also like to have one group each season that resembles the left-wing, VPRO-like persons. It is safer than to always portray communities that are far away from you.”

Presented by: Michael Schaap
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