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August 2009

When it comes to chicken, Europeans are picky. With most only wanting chicken breast, the rest of the meat is sold on the cheap in Africa but this is forcing African chicken farmers out of business.
With Europeans desperate to get rid of their surpluses, the EU has spent 3.7 billion Euros on export subsidies over the past 10 years. With cheap frozen imports flooding the African market, farmers are left struggling. Previously, the women came and said, I have a festival, I need 50 chickens. Today, thats no more. These people buy the same parts in a box. In order to survive, farmers are seeking new solutions. Poultry breeder Alex Yeboah has started selling to demanding top quality restaurants. They buy it because they like the taste of our local chicken. They appreciate our quality. But for most market sellers, customers are diminishing as they opt for the cheaper foreign options.


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