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Emergency: The charity hospital changing the lives of Sierra Leone’s poorest children

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Following the civil war Sierra Leone’s health care infrastructure has been left in tatters. “Emergency” is the country’s only free hospital, funded by charitable donations and desperately trying to fill the gap.

Sara is the triage nurse responsible for selecting which 120 children are treated each day, and which are turned away. “When in doubt, I take the children over five years old because they will have to pay at another hospital”. She is one of the brave volunteers whose contribution allows “people who would otherwise be forgotten” access to surgical and trauma care. The working conditions are tough – according to anesthetist Giovanna: “I worked for 40 years in the trauma dept of a big Italian city and never saw anything like this” – but thanks to their efforts they are able to save thousands of lives each year.

Hazel Chandler – Ref 6330

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