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Samsung’s influence runs deep through Korean society. Whilst some employees extol the raise in living standards exchanged for their long hours; others suffer disease, disenfranchisement, and death. Subscribe to Journeyman here:

From heavy industry and infrastructure; to university funding and theme parks, the extent of the development lead by Samsung in South Korea is astonishing. Unsurprisingly some view the corporation as a munificent guarantor of life and prosperity: “I live with my family in a Samsung housing complex. Mine is very pleasant. We lack nothing.”

However, prosperity for some becomes calamity for others. Problems relating to chemicals in a semi-conductor factory have been associated with the death of an engineer to leukemia, as well as to the debilitating brain tumor developed by a worker mounting LCD screens. Elsewhere, employees have been dismissed or sued for attempting to establish unions that would begin to tackle these issues. It is clear that, in an increasingly competitive and globalised economy, workers in even the richest companies are subject to the iniquities of a corporate culture that both gives life, and takes it away.

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