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Reds Return: Thailand 2010 – Shinawatra’s supporters resurgent in 2010

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Despite being routed on the streets of Bangkok just a few months ago, the Red Shirts have regrouped in the north for yet another battle against the Thai government. Civil War inches ever nearer.

“Shall we continue to fight?” shouts one defiant Red Shirt to an angry crowd – “fight!” they cry, as videos of the army’s brutal assault on the Red Shirts in May flicker on a projector. Now the emergency decree has been lifted, the Red Shirts have re-emerged in “Thaksin Town” – birth place of their main backer, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Under the continuing ban on discussion of the ailing King, tensions have been simmering: “Thailand is a stupid country, we cannot say what we are thinking”. Yet the presence of armed guards at the protests in May betrayed the movement’s non-violent image. “Both sides are illiberal and have shown that they have anti-democratic tendencies”. Despite the renewed protests, some hard-line Red Shirts remain in hiding. One woman on the run with a group of leading Red Shirts even alleges that the Thai government has assembled a Death List: “There were incidents we knew of in our circle — people were being hunted down”. Speaking in disguise, one of the men she’s hiding with says more violence is unavoidable: “the end of these problems in Thailand… it’s civil war”.

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