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The Boy On The Bike: The Japanese town of Rikuzentakata was once a prosperous and scenic fishing village. Torn apart by the tsunami, today it is choked with dirt and debris, empty except for the bulldozers gnawing at its remains.

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Before the quake, whaling provocateur Masayuki Komatsu caught up with some old friends as part of a report on the whaling industry.Then calamity struck. This report goes back to the destroyed village to find out what happened to these characters after the tsunami. “Everything was destroyed and turned to debris. It was not the same world that I knew”, says fisherman Yoshiharu Yoshida. As Japan grapples with its biggest disaster since the Second World War, many are struggling to rebuild their lives in what has become the most expensive natural calamity in world history. It’s almost certain that many of the one thousand still missing will never be found. Yet they continue to demonstrate their characteristic Japanese stoicism:”If we keep crying and don’t do anything nothing will change. Step by step we should go forward”.

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