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Strangled: Civilians trapped in battle for Yemen’s Taiz

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In the besieged city of Taiz, at the heart of Yemen’s civil war, only one emergency hospital remains. Under constant attack and destroyed by shelling, doctors struggle to save injured citizens caught in the crossfire.

Six-year-old Asma was hit by shrapnel as she queued to collect drinking water. The impact broke away a shard of her skull, which a doctor struggles to patch with surgical plaster. After the operation, only air is pumped into Asma’s lungs, as the hospital’s precious oxygen supply has run out. “We worked hard to save her life, but it could all go to waste because of the lack of pure oxygen”, say Doctor Muqbal. In Yemen’s second largest city, basic supplies are barely reaching citizens, due to the siege mounted by the Houthis, who are fighting to wrest the city from the control of forces loyal to the government. Under desperate conditions, doctors face tough choices, and are forced to ration operations as they wait for vital supplies. Whilst those families attempting to leave the city come under fire, there are others who refuse to leave. “We have no water, no electricity, nothing. We’re afraid but we have nowhere else to go”, explains one man. This insightful film offers a striking snapshot of a destitute city, and its desperate people.

BBC Arabic – Ref. 6672

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