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Farc Guerrillas: Rare footage from the last days of Colombia’s guerrilla movement

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With rare and exclusive access, The Guardian joins one of the Colombian Farc’s remaining rebel cells deep in the jungle as they contemplate the final days of their dying revolution after 51 years of armed struggle.

“We were dealing with a country where one can get assassinated for thinking differently. That’s how one starts thinking about dealing or taking up arms”, describes Federico, a member of one of the remaining FARC hold-out cells. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia have used tactics of extortion and kidnapping to fight against the corruption of the Colombian government. In the last decade, military offences and mass desertions have reduced their number from an estimated 19,000 to 7000 members. The guerrillas now face the possibility of an agreement being reached between their leaders and the government. “One has to be positive but to drop our arms and leave there’d have to be some serious commitments from the government”, explains FARC member Gabriel. Determination among the guerrillas remains strong, along with a reluctance to give up their guns. “If a peace agreement was made, to think that the Farc will disintegrate would be crazy because we have 51 years of experience that we can’t toss to the wayside. The Farc would continue with greater effort and dedication, being a political organisation working to build a new Columbia.” Is an end to Colombia’s decades-long civil war, which has killed 220,000, finally in sight?

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