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Congo Bonobos (2010): A new Conservation Initiative has been put in place to protect bonobos in Congo killed for bush meat.

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In a tiny corner of the Congo, a peaceful community of ‘Bonobos’ provide a glimmer of unity in this war-torn land. A matriarchal society where sex is a daily pleasure and generosity a way of life.

In a remote corner of the Congo we meet the “hippies of the jungle”. Sally Coxe of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative is fascinated by them; “they have sex in all flavours…female-female sex is actually the most common”. This less common strand of the Ape family have only been studied since the 1970’s and while we share a common ancestor, their behaviour and community spirit could not be further from our own. The threats against the Bonobo are growing as the poverty stricken Congo begins to rely on bush meat for money. The new Conservation Initiative helps protect the Bonobos and the people around them “because all are living together” says Albert Lokasola. So, improved schooling, health care and even jobs have been created to help protect the apes that make love, not war.

ABC Australia – Ref. 4931

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