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Yra van Dijk is Professor of Modern Dutch Literature in Global Perspective. In this episode of Anthropology of the Dutch she is interviewed about her work as a teacher and we see her lecture.

The pigeonhole man about this episode:

“I was on a promotion tour, and then my friend, Professor Jaap van Slooten, shouted,” Hey, Hey Schaap! You have to do our profession too!” And he was right of course, because this community is completely Pigeonholemanproof: it is a closed stronghold and one big costume party: wearing the robe a thousand times, the berets on and off again. But this episode is really about something. About the Second World War, but also about the question: what can science be? I also started studying with the idea that the university is the Olympus of wisdom and knowledge. And then you come into a sort of official system of corridors full of faded types…”

Presented by: Michael Schaap
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