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For centuries, Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley has been a crossroads for many distinct tribes. During times of drought, natural resources become scarce, escalating clashes between groups. In an ever-changing landscape, young men and women come of age in an unfamiliar time.

The story is narrated from two unique perspectives. Uri- a young boy from the Hamar tribe who becomes a man during his rite of passage ceremony, and Segelgwo- an elder chief of the Daasanach, who reflects on his community’s uncertain future.

You can view behind the scenes videos about the making of this film here:


Featuring: Uri Muda Wado, Argileb Tuchamoi, Poshi Mayto Woroo, Hassan Yiergilieb, Ente Algo Aska

Directed By: Joey L.

Cinematography By: Sean Stiegemeier

Written By: Joey L, Charity Paniamogan, Uri Muda Wado

In Collaboration With: Hamar, Dassanach & Kara Tribes, Southern Nations, Nationalities & Peoples Region, Ethiopia

Produced By: Dawit Shimelis, Blue Media PLC, Anteneh Endale Mamo, Susie Hayasaka

Editor: Stavros Stavropoulos

Additional Editing: Jon Connor, Joey L

Original Score By: Tony Anderson

Additional Music By: Salomon Lighthelm, Serac by Luke Atencio, Slow Cold by Afterlife parade,

Production Manager: Caleb Adams

Audio And Mix: Jeff Pace

1st AC/DIT: Porter McKnight

Gaffer And Electrician: Andrew Redpath

Grip: “Straight” Dave Krysl

Color: Lilit Digital Lab [Brazil-SP], Laura Futuro – Co Ordinator, Sabrina Wilkins – Co Ordinator, Julia Bisilliat – Color Artist, Joana Reis – Workflow Manager

Title Motion Graphics: Craig Gowans

Additional Translation: John Elino, Uri Muda Wado, Kedir, Chauncher

Special Thanks: Kickstarter and all supporters, Tourism Commission of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Consulates of NYC, LA, Toronto, & London, White House Custom Color, Zylights, Lowepro, Pixipixel, Red Carnation Hotel London

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