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Next Stop Grexit?

Behind The Scenes Of Syriza’s Election Victory:

Greece’s Workers Fleeing The Cities:

A Greek Town’s Innovative Approach to the Eurozone Crisis:
Is Austerity To Blame For Greece’s Asylum Boat Deaths?:
Greek pirate broadcasts battle to keep TV screens alive:
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As Eurozone leaders reach an agreement on the Greek debt crisis, this report goes on the ground in Athens to trace how a country can run out of cash, and what bankruptcy means for its people.

“First of all I had to reveal the truth”, says former Prime Minister George Papandreou, who initiated the emergency IMF bailout for Greece five years ago. “We were shocked, I was shocked… but there’s a Greek word for revealing the truth even at the expense of your life.” Fast forward five years, and Greece’s future hangs in the balance. In the long queues for the often-closed banks, a man is trying to retrieve his last 50 Euros. A grandmother waiting for her medication says it’s the worst she’s been through – and she lived through the Second World War. Yet Greek pride and resolve in avoiding further austerity is resounding. “Every one of us was afraid, but we said no”, says an impassioned protester, celebrating his country’s rejection of the last bailout terms. But can everyone agree on a crisis ending solution?

SBS – Ref: 6503

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