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Beyond the importance of any US election at the international level, On The Road must investigate the country of Uncle Sam in an era when America starts a slow decline. Then, does the oldest democracy still have a future? Do Americans still consider themselves as ‘champions of democracy’? To answer these questions, we propose a political and social road-movie in a country that is “mind blowing” in every way: either by its Hollywood like landscapes or by its colorful characters. The documentary will start by exploring the little-towns and villages of states such as Hawaii, Utah, Texas and Ohio which are often forgotten and rarely understood; it will be followed by geopolitical conversations with those who “pull the strings” in the corridors of Washington. And this election will surely be a spectacular one: Romney, the first Mormon candidate in US history will be opposed to Barack Obama, America’s first Black President. If the incumbent president is an international superstar, he is still a controversial character in his own country. Four years later, what do US citizens think of their President as unemployment hits a 10% rate? Can Obama withstand the hordes of conservatives who, under the leadership of Mitt Romney, will do anything to “take back America”?

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