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The Delta Blues (2010):Unemployment and oil sabotage has caused a ongoing conflict that has yet to be fixed

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It seemed peace was to come to the Niger Delta but the fighting and oil sabotage has resumed. A powerful report filmed before the amnesty but with many participants sceptical the world remains as pertinent as ever.

A fisherman pulls an empty net from waters that have sustained his family for generations:“”Because of oil spillage we can’’t get fish to sustain ourselves, let alone to sell”.” Despite the huge oil industry 90% of locals are unemployed. Frustration led many to fight, decimating Nigeria’s oil output. Now policy is being scrutinised – senior officials question the lack of development in the Niger Delta; “The way the oil companies have acted thus far is a little irresponsible”. An amnesty was offered to militants willing to disarm. Some accepted but many were sceptical; “Amnesty will not disarm the Niger Delta. It will only quell it”.

SBS Australia – ref. 4741

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