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Northern Ireland Torture (2010): After years of silence, the truth about what went on inside the police stations of Northern Ireland is finally emerging. This report reveals the disturbing legacy of an officially sanctioned torture policy.

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Hundreds of men and women found guilty of terrorism offences in Northern Ireland plan to appeal their convictions. Now, after 20 years, the truth about what happened inside the police stations of Northern Ireland during the troubles is being revealed. Not only are the victims appealing but several RUC officers have admitted to the use of force to extract confessions, “there was plenty of slap and tickle. No doubt about it, people were being assaulted,” in the words of one ex-RUC interrogator. Charlie McMenamin, who confessed to a string of terrorist offences after a series of brutal interrogations, is just one example of the extreme violence used against suspects. However, it is the systemic and authorised application of this policy which is so disturbing. Despite a change of policy among senior police officers at the end of the 1970s, brutality remained a problem up until the early 90s. It is only now that those who suffered torture then and in some cases were wrongly convicted, are seeing justice.

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