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November 1993 – Brendon is a 12 year old Catholic in Northern Ireland who despises his Protestant counterparts. He says the Protestants should all be shipped to England. Nearby someone petrol bombs a car. We profile the Ulster Freedom Fighters militant loyalist paramilitary force.
Tom was jailed for 11 years for attempting to murder a Republican woman. He threatens increased violence if negotiations continue with the IRA. Traditional Orange memorabilia is evident at a grave side memorial to the leader of the UFF. We were the only crew given access. On one side of a Belfast road Catholics walk, on the other, Protestants. A Catholic businessman takes us around properties he purchased on the road. His businesses were burned out because of his religion. In a small Protestant community many Protestants have moved out because of Catholic intimidation. Bricked up houses graphically illustrate the situation. It is clear both sides must carry the blame for this the nastiest side of the ‘troubles’.
A film by Mark Stucke.
Journeyman Pictures


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