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Bees In The Hood (2010): Beekeeping is the unlikely craze taking New York City by swarm. But this is much more than just an Eco-fad, as scientists warn that bee loss is the biggest threat to America’s food supply.

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‘Colony collapse’ is the buzzword in bee circles. Across the U.S., the honey industry is in peril with commercial beekeepers losing colonies at unsustainable rates. Kevin Hackett of the US Department of Agriculture warns of a more serious threat: “bees pollinate about one in every three bites of food we eat”. The problem has created a groundswell of support for the lifting of a decade-long ban on beekeeping in New York, and now hives are colonising rooftops across the city. “The Manhattan honey has higher rent and the Brooklyn honey has more attitude”. Jokes aside, eating local pollen has the added benefit of reducing allergies, whilst the bees also aid the pollination of urban gardens.

SBS Australia – Ref. 4889

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