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The Red Tide (2010): Tensions are growing between the royal family and politicians in Thailand.

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Political Turmoil In Thailand

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The red tide that’’s just swept through Bangkok is just a hint of Thailand’’s growing political tensions. As the succession day draws ever nearer, ‘democracy’ and the royal institution grow further apart.

““Long live the King and hope that he will be in good health to be our beloved King forever!”” Even with the massive people power of the red shirt demonstrations thronging through Bangkok, there is no denying the love felt for Thailand’’s 82 year old King Bhumipol Aduyadej. Yet the wall of silence from the royal family is pushing some royalists away. Thailand’’s strict laws of ‘lese majeste’, have forbidden open discussion regarding the King’’s health…and Prime Minister, Abhisit Veijajiva, will only suggest that the “crown prince” , a man plagued by damaging rumours, will likely step into the King’’s shoes.

The laws of ‘lese majeste’, silenced former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s allegations that palace insiders plotted a coup to throw him from power 2 years ago,… and have lent weight to a growing feeling that democracy is incompatible with Thailand’’s traditional institutions. As the recent protests show, Thaksin is determined to regain power, and the royal family will do anything to stop an opposition takeover. “”Thaksin won’t go down by himself”,” says a political analyst, “”he will drag his enemies down with him and, in the process, Thailand.””

SBS Australia – Ref. 4791

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