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From Daddy’s Tummy: AJ Kearns makes the surprising decision to postponed his physical transformation so that he can become pregnant.

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AJ Kearns spent the first 35 years of his life as a woman named Vicki-Anne. After realising he was a man, he took the surprising step of postponing his physical transition to become pregnant.

“Becoming a father was a very instinctual thing” explains AJ. “And I have been honest with the children about where they’re from; the truth about their father”, his partner Zu White continues. “One came from Daddy’s tummy and one came from Mummy’s tummy.” Psychiatrist Dr Fintan Harte says it’s the first time he’s encountered a ‘trans-identified male’ who has conceived a child. This report tells AJ’s story and showcases a stunning photographic record of his physical transition from female to male by Melbourne artist Alison Bennett.

ABC Australia – Ref. 6569

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