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50 Years Of Frost (2009): a brief strapline fleshing out the video title – this is key youtube display real estate – use it to drive clicks!

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David Frost is one of the world’’s most famous interviewers. He’’s questioned 6 British Prime Ministers, 7 US Presidents and the recent film ‘Frost/Nixon’ received 5 Oscar nominations. Who’’s next in line?

“George W Bush was never the caricature he was made in the first year or two in his Office,”’ claims Frost, ‘”I would find that a very interesting challenge.”’ But when Frost is asked about the possibility of interviewing Bin Laden, he questions himself. “‘If you’’re in the room with this threat to the world, shouldn’’t your first duty be to try and perform a citizen’s arrest or shoot him?”

ABC Australia – Ref. 4408

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