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Landless (2010): Imagine the authorities flooding your home in order to drive you out. And then handing the land to property developers to build high rise towers.

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“Instead of evicting us they pump in water and flood us “, one resident says, “we can’t stand it so we leave “. This woman is just one of thousands flooded out of lakeside homes in the biggest forced relocation in Cambodia since the days of the Khmer Rouge. But fearful silence has turned into a mass momentum of outrage. People are beginning to ask for retribution for their loss. “We don’t want anything, just 15 hectares of land and decent houses”, one man says. Threats and intimidation are rife – last year, thugs were sent in before negotiations were even finished. Homes were bulldozed with people inside; over 200 families were relocated to a ditch. Others still living lakeside are determined to fight for their rights. As one woman says, “a bundle of chopsticks can’t be broken, but one can”.

SBS Australia – Ref. 4987

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