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Original Title: veranderen? jamais!
Living “like a God in France” is a saying applicable to vacationers in France, but absolutely not to the French themselves: to them, life is nothing but worrisome. They are facing high unemployment rates, fear of new terror attacks and an important political division. What is left of pillars that are the basis of the French republic: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité? And what does it mean actually, to be French, today? Dutch Parisian Wilfred de Bruijn uncovers an intriguing country, full of contradictions, far away from the cliches we all know.
E6/7: Change? Jamais!
The world is changing rapidly, but the French do not seem to want to go along. They hang on to their cultural heritage and fight change as much as they can. It’s not for nothing that the French are known as a protesting nation. Protests in France are part of the French culture: protesting begins at school already. The French cross at every turn against new reforms, keep up with passion of their own language and cherish their traditions. This love for the French way of doing things is admirable, but is it perhaps preventing France from moving on to the 21st century?

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Presentation: Wilfred de Bruijn
Directors: Stefanie de Brouwer, Erik Lieshout
Chief Editors: Stefanie de Brouwer, Olaf Oudheusden
Research: Ilse van der Velden, Alexandre Horiot, Olaf Oudheusden
Anna Prichard, Pauline Cazaubon, Ouafia Kheniche, Marijn Kruk
Armelle Belaunde-Gautret, Gwenaelle Le Gall
Camera: Jackó van ‘t Hof, Joost van Herwijnen
Sound: Rik Meier, Arno Hagers
Editing: Obbe Verwer
Color Correction: Gerhard van der Beek
Sound Mixing: Rob Dul
Voice management: Alfred Koster
Music: Wouter van Bemmel
Production: Nicole Frints
Production Assistant: Yvon Keetman, Jonathan van den Berg, Heleen Kruijthoff
Intro: Erik Verhulst
Postproduction: Filmdoc
English, French and Spanish subtitles by Ericsson and co-funded by the European Union.


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